Spider Solitaire

Play Spider Solitaire free online, one of the most popular patience card game! Now on Multiple Devices! And it's free! No download, no login required, simple gameplay! Good luck and have a good time!

About the game

Spider Solitaire - one of the most popular patience card game in the world, which is included in the standard set of games of the Microsoft Windows operating system, thanks to this game became popular and famous. Where did the patience get such an unusual name? The answer to the question lies directly in the process of unfolding solitaire, the cards and a stack of cards move in all directions, the collected card chains, as if spiders are coming down. It seems that some invisible spider weaves its unusual web.

You can play mobile Spider Solitaire 444 on our website. This free online game is available in browser across all your Android, iOS and Windows devices. Good luck and have a good time!

Rules for Spider Solitaire

The overall goal of course is to create on the tableau 8 suites of 13 cards in a descending suit sequence from King to Ace and to remove all cards from the table. However there are three different variations of Spider Solitaire. It all comes down to suits. Each card deck consists of four of these suits - Diamonds, Spades, Clubs and Hearts. This Solitare can be played with one, two or four suits. But let's start with the general rules that basically apply to all variations.

To Win

To group all the cards in sets of 13 cards in descending suit sequence from King to Ace.


A tableau of 44 cards in ten piles, with five cards in each of the first four piles, and four cards in the remaining six piles. Alternately, a 54 card deal, with six cards in each of the first four piles and five cards in the remaining piles, is available. The top card of each column is available for play to another tableau column. Spaces may be filled by any card or valid sequence of cards. Spider Solitaire screenshot 1


The foundations are not built on to directly. The goal is to create a suite of 13 cards of the same suit from Ace to King. When all of the cards have been grouped and automatically moved to the foundations, the game is won.


After all possible moves are made, click once on the stock to deal a new row of cards to the tableau. There is no redeal.

How to play

Available cards may be built down in value (any suit) ending at an Ace. A King cannot be built on an Ace. On clearing away cards above a face-down card in the tableau, the card is turned up and becomes available for play. A space made by clearing away an entire pile may be filled by any available card or build, as long as the build is built down in value. Any or all of the cards on the top of a tableau pile that are built down in value may be lifted as a unit to be built elsewhere. The top card of each tableau pile is always available. Spider Solitaire screenshot 2


There are three variants of the classic Spider Solitaire. The first version of the solitaire is the simplest with one suit, the second is more complicated with two suits, and the third most difficult to unfold with four suits and collect it can not everyone. In a complex variant, the probability of winning is 30%. Actively using the cancellation of moves, the probability of winning is close to 50%. Also there is many another variations such as: Gigantic Spider, Relaxed Spider, Spiderwort, Spiderette, Black Widow, Simple Simon, Scorpion.


Same suit sequences should be preferred even though building is down regardless of suit. The object is to build down in suit sequences. Spaces should be made as soon as possible, and used to move cards into groups by suit. If you are able to build all cards in descending rank from King to Ace, then it is always possible to reorder the cards in descending suit sequence and move them to the foundations to win.

Classic Spider Solitaire gameplay (video)

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